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Cross the Island is a ministry to help people stop avoiding the VERY issues that are holding them back from living free and fulfilling their destinies in life.

Cross The Island is a resource  (Website, Videos, blogs, interviews, manuals, books) where people can come and be encouraged, challenged, inspired by others who have overcome or are on the journey of overcoming.

Cross the Island tackles tough issues and is painfully transparent. We believe in the power of transparency and letting the light into EVERY crevice and corner of our lives.

Cross The Island will talk A LOT about sexual issues and pornography as this issue is so rampant in our society. Many of these principles are transferable to other areas in our lives. 


This is about becoming the person you want to become.

The person that you know you were meant to be.

Cross the island is about living congruent with your values, being a person of character and integrity. It’s about being free on the inside to be able to do what you’ve been placed on this earth to do. The truth is, the very thing you've been trying to avoid, trying not to think about, trying to ignore is the very thing that when faced will help propel you into your destiny.

Join us on this journey!



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Read Ben's Story

I grew up a pastors kid (PK) in Juneau, Alaska, and after marrying my wife Heather, we became staff pastors along with my parents.

After more than a decade on staff we felt the call to leave the nest and move to Portland,  OR to plant a church. We packed up our life and 3 small kiddos and headed South – and yes, everything is South when you live in Alaska – on a journey of faith.

Seven months later the church was launched with great momentum and lots of amazing people. But there was a problem...