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Ben and Heather, along with their kids Ashton, Taylor and Macy (ATM), live just outside Portland and are Co-Pastors of the Collective Church.

Ben owns and is the producer for an independent video production company and Heather runs a business from home. They have been called to help people overcome obstacles in their lives through the power of the Gospel and practical insights into everyday life. Their life dramatically changed when they squared-up to the scary stuff, stopped circumnavigating their issues, and started the journey of Crossing The Island.


I grew up a pastors kid (PK) in Juneau, Alaska


After marrying my wife Heather, we became staff pastors along with my parents. After more than a decade on staff we felt the call to leave the nest and move to Portland,  OR to plant a church. We packed up our life and 3 small kiddos and headed South – and yes, everything is "South" when you live in Alaska – on a journey of faith.

Seven months later the church was launched with great momentum and lots of amazing people. But there was a problem:

I had not CROSSED THE ISLAND of sexual sin that had been there since a sexualized experience in the second grade.


During the first 7 months in Portland I had began to visit adult establishments and was spiraling out of control. The truth finally came out, and 10 days after we launched the church we were fired. 

Circumnavigating The Island had finally caught up with me in a big way. I had finally had enough. I was exhausted from paddling around this island. I was emotionally fried. It had cost me my job, put my marriage in jeopardy and had taken a toll on everyone that I loved and cared about. It was time for this boat to come ashore and begin to face this thing head on.

I was done with lying to my wife, having to cover my tracks, deleting my browsing history, being angry with myself and others, and having a perpetual sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I was done living a lie and was ready to be the husband, dad, pastor and business man that I was created to be.

During the last 5 years we have been living “Cross The Island"; and we want to share the spiritual and practical lessons, mindsets and principles that have helped bring our life into alignment us restore our marriage and family.

I believe that God can deliver you in a moment, but freedom is process! Come with us on this journey of freedom for every area of your life! 

Is The Island scary? Yes.

Is it hard? Yes

Is it worth it? Absolutely



Read my blog "Cross The Island" for practical first steps in your journey of tackling the issue head-on.

What does the island represent for you?

What is hindering your productivity, your capacity? What is holding you back from reaching your full potential, your destiny?